Snacky Tunes

Episode 385: The Art of Plating and Improvised Synth Lairs

Episode Summary

Today on Snacky Tunes we have Maria Nguyen of The Art of Plating and Abe Seiferth, owner of Transmitter Park Studio.

Episode Notes

Maria Nguyen launched one of the most popular digital food media companies with a simple hashtag: #theartofplating. In just 5 years, The Art of Plating has grown to captivate an audience of 3.5 million across multiple channels, and has also branched into experiential events. Abe Seiferth is the owner of Greenpoint’s synth-laden Transmitter Park Studio, and is also a regular performer in NYC’s improvised / ambient music scene. He recently debuted his EP, Solstice I, it’s a work inspired by the longest night of the year. Abe gives us a live performance in studio.

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